Supergold Cardholder Computer Support

We offer discounts to Supergold Cardholders

We listen and are patient. We choose our consultants carefully.

Whatever your device, whatever your IT problem, we can help!

Notebooks or PC's

We can assist with almost any issue, including recovery of information from an old computer, backing it up for safe-keeping or setting up a brand-new laptop or computer and copying an old computer’s data across to it.

Apple Mac, MacBook, Mac Mini

Whether you have an Apple iMac or MacBook or need advice on upgrading on syncing your mail accounts and files or photos, we have experienced, friendly staff to help.

iPhone, iPad, Android Devices

Whether you’re struggling with Google, iCloud or OneDrive, or your mail isn’t displaying the same on all devices or you’re worried you’ve lost something, trust us to get it all working.

Saving you money

We won’t try to sell you things that you don’t need. We will do our best to take care of your computers, put systems in place to prevent hacking and keep your savings and online banking secure.

Smart Home and Smart TV's

We can help with anything IT-related – even Smart TV’s, help you with Apps, Smart Speakers, Cameras, Kindle, e-Readers, help sort out your Amazon Account, help sort out pretty much anything on a web site or social media.