Our Labour Rates

IT Support and Computer Consulting Services

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Efficient, effective, good value and affordable IT Services

We have structured our pricing it so that an easy, quick call-out isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Our goal is to resolve your IT problem as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while ensuring that there are no other possible underlying issues. Prevention is better than cure.

Business Labour Rates

We charge $160 per hour for our onsite Business IT Consulting.

Home IT Support Rates

We charge $152 per hour for our home mobile tech support services.

We also charge the same rate to not-for-profit organizations and social clubs.

Supergold Discounted Labour Rates

We charge a discounted $140 per hour to our Supergold Cardholder customers.

Sub-Contracting Rates

We offer discounted rates to our technology partners. These can be negotiated. Whether you’re an ISP needing IT support to troubleshoot or set up phone and internet connections, or another IT company based outside Wellington needing support for your clients.

Remote Support Rates

Our remote support rates are the same rate (depending on the client), but (depending on whether we have a tech to assist in the office or not) sometimes offer a reduced minimum 15-minute fee as we don’t have to travel to your site.

Further Billing Details


For short call-outs, less than 15 minutes, we charge a minimum call-out fee of $119

For remote assistance sessions of less than 15 minutes, we charge a minimum service fee of $95

Businesses, Residential, Supergold and Charity all get this “15 minute or less” discounted fee.

If the call-out is 15 minutes or more, we charge a minimum of an hour for the call-out.

Additional time over the first hour is billed in 15-minute increments.

For minor tasks such as resetting passwords, searching for information, and general office administration, we charge $30.


Our consultants and mobile tech support staff all carry EFTPOS terminals for the collection of payment for all goods, services and labour at the end of the call-out. Terms may be pre-arranged for business customers. There is a 2.5% surcharge for credit card transactions. 


All call-out and billing rates above are applicable to business during our normal office hours – 8 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays)


Saturday and call-outs & all-time billed after after-hours times incur a 50% surcharge on all rates above.


Have an emergency, a crisis? If it’s a Sunday or a Public Holiday, we may still be available to assist if a consultant /or techie is available, but note that Sundays and public holidays incur a surcharge of 100% on all rates above (ie. double the usual hourly rate)


Wherever possible, we strive to save our time and our clients’ time and money. Often, labour costs for a job can be greatly reduced if the consultant /or technician takes equipment off-site as they can charge for work actually done instead of sitting staring at a screen on-site for every minute that a computer sits doing an update or while doing a backup.


We have structured our pricing it so that an easy, quick call-out isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Most other companies charge a minimum of a full-hour call-out fee. We don’t.


For new clients, we offer a free hour consultation to discuss and assess your site and gather information on your IT business requirements.

This does obviously not include call-outs to do an ad-hoc job or solve problems on-site, but relates to and involves discussion of requirements, documenting systems, and processes so that we can plan a strategy forward to service your business better.

If we are asked to make recommendations or do costing and quotations on a solution, this exercise will be charged for as this constitutes advice and consultation.


We prefer to call Service Level Agreements by what they really are, namely “Preventative Maintenance Service Agreements”

We don’t do “typical” corporate-style SLA contracts where you pay us monthly and don’t see us unless you call us!

We insist on part of the SLA including visits from us during the month to ensure your site is running smoothly.

We intend to establish long-term, beneficial relationships with our clients. We do, however, realize that most businesses don’t want to be locked into 12-month contracts.

Our month-to-month SLAs give us the ability to ensure our clients have adequate technicians and consultants available to support them as we can manage our workforce better than working purely on an ad-hoc call-out system.

We only offer month-to-month SLA’s as an option to our regular clients after we have become familiar with their IT systems and processes.

Our monthly plans give preferential service response times, reduce rates per hour as well as other reductions to other services and rates including reduced minimum call-out fees, travel fees, etc.

NOTE: for business clients, we are not firmly bound to billing for every single minute of time spent on larger projects. We are negotiable with fees for certain tasks and projects.


We are an ICT Consultancy firm. We bill for “time spent”, not on a specific job completion or perceived outcome. Sometimes things are quick to resolve, other times there are mitigating circumstances that are out of our control, and sometimes due to these circumstances, we cannot resolve the issue. We bill for time spent, not specific jobs, tasks, or procedures performed, regardless of final outcome.

We will, however, always advise on a solution, a way forward and it’s at the client’s discretion to accept the solution, and spend what is necessary on what we advise or not. Sometimes, things simply cannot be fixed without buying hardware or doing things differently.

We always go out of our way to be fair and reasonable with billing.


Regrettably, we do not accept cheques as a form of payment as our bank no longer accepts these. We do accept electronic bank transfers.