Computer Support for Business

Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti Coast

New and Existing Business Computer Support

We can assist with all your computer and IT services. We can work with your existing third-party software or hardware vendors and translate the tech jargon into something you can understand so that you can make more informed business decisions.

Some of Our Computer Support and Services

Domain Name Registration

If you’re setting up a new company, you need an address on the internet, on the World Wide Web. You can assist you with setting up your own domain name with a reputable registrar.

We’ll help you have a presence on the Web at

We take intellectual property ownership very seriously and if you already have a domain registered and your web developer or old IT company has control of it, we’ll help you get control of your legal property back!

Web Site Design and Best Practices Tips and Tricks in incease Web Site Traffic.

Contrary to what your web developer tells you, there are a host of other services that need to be associated with your web domain and your web site to bring customers to your business and increase your search rankings. We can set up all these services for you or ensure that they are set up correctly. We’re not just talking about SEO, here!

SEO and Social Media Advice

We can set up, manage and advise on the best way to drive traffic to your website and to your business. We know what Social Media techniques work for different businesses and most importantly “how” you need to advertise and market yourself and where you need to spend or improve things.

Secure e-Mail Solutions

You don’t want to be that person in business using an insecure, no-name e-mail host. We can provide and configure a fast, reliable and secure, cloud-based e-Mail system that integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Webmail and all your portable devices. We can also implement security measures to ensure that you don’t get your e-mail accounts hacked.

Mobile Device Security

A mobile phone that is hacked is just as serious as a computer that is compromised. We have systems to lock down phones and even remotely erase lost or stolen phones.

Computer and Network Security

We can set up a reliable document management system and offer training and support to ensure that no matter where your staff work, the information is safely stored in the cloud and accessible on any device that you wish to give them permission to use.

Cloud-based PABX and VoIP Phones

New cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have many, many more features than traditional copper systems. If you are already using VoIP phones, we can more than likely make them more useful with features like “Missed Voice Messages to e-Mail”. 

Your one-stop computer and IT shop

We have experience in pretty much every aspect of IT, from Firewalls, to Intrusion Prevention Devices, to servers, to cloud servers, to Cloud services like SharePoint, DropBox, to Remote Access from Home to Office, to Antivirus Solutions, to data recovery, to on-site data backups, to cloud backups, to e-Mail fraud forensic investigations, to network and router trouble-shooting, to WiFi improvement, to Employee access control, to WiFi Guest Isolation systems, to CCTV cameras, both cloud and on-site DVR. Basically anything IT related. If it plugs into the internet, we can probably assist in supporting it or offer advice or solutions on using the systems better.

True Managed Computer and IT Services

No matter what your needs, we are a managed service provider. Let us take care of your IT while you focus on your business.

Our expertise pretty much lies in us making your business work better, more securely, more reliably and more cost-effectively.