About Us

How we do what we do

onsite IT Support and IT Consultants

We are an IT support company with a team of experienced computer consultants. We refer to our home IT services as premium home IT support as we believe our experience, expertise and management far surpass existing mobile tech support companies in Wellington. 

Our skilled onsite business computer consultants go the extra mile to get your site running smoothly.

How are we the best IT support company in Wellington?

IT Consultants vs Mobile Techs

We are IT consultants first and foremost, and mobile techs second.

We don’t just fix a single issue you called us to look at and walk away. After solving it, we test and retest to ensure it is resolved.

We also attempt to assess what caused it and prevent it from occurring again. We also assess your site and attempt to improve your systems.

Attempt to save you money

Our team are IT consultants and not just an IT company trying to upsell you on things you don’t need. 

It is embarrassing just how many tech support companies take advantage of their customer ignorance.

We look for practical, cost-effective solutions to your computer problems.

Better Management - saving you time!

We allocate the right person to tackle your computer problem. Most mobile tech companies just send the person who is closest with little regard for their computer skills or abilities. We don’t believe in wasting your time or ours. Our IT support controller will assess your issue, and if unsure about it, refer it to an IT manager and they will delegate someone with the necessary skills to resolve your computer issues.

Better Training - Better Attitude

We carefully screen our prospective employees to ensure we hire consultants that listen, are patient and have our customers’ interests at heart. We have mandatory upskilling and training to keep their skills sharp.

“I can teach skills, but I can’t teach attitude. Attitude is everything!”
 Craven Coetzee (founder)

Decades of Experience

Our founder has decades of experience and understands all aspects of the IT industry from manufacturing to retail to larger corporate clients including managing servers, computers and infrastructure for the Legal, Financial and Medical industries.

We use what we recommend

We are a modern IT services company and use industry-standard software, policies and procedures including the Cloud services that we recommend.

Unlike many other mobile tech support companies, we don’t sell “what we have”, nor do we use our clients as guinea pigs to test new products and services.

Privacy and Confidentiality Guaranteed

Our business is based on the principles of discretion and respect for our customers’ privacy and confidentiality. Our work environment is secure and any data we make backups of is encrypted and handled securely.

All of our employees, agents, and representatives that deal with client data and processes sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to ensure the protection of privacy as well as other confidentiality agreements to ensure our client data, systems and procedures are kept confidential at all times.

We have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures for our mobile techs and consultants to adhere to. This ensures our client data security and privacy and helps maintain our high standards.

We are the IT support company near you in Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and the Kapiti Coast.