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Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti Coast

IT Support and Computer Services

We strive to offer the best IT support and IT services in the Wellington Region. With over thirty years of experience, we provide high-quality onsite Business Computer Support and premium home mobile tech support solutions.

We do computer repairs on Apple Macs as well as Microsoft Windows Computers.

Some of the IT Services we offer include:

Residential IT Support

We endeavour to provide the best home IT support for our customers.

We can improve your internet, improve your Wi-Fi, trouble-shoot your network problems, implement parental control systems to protect your children, and secure your Windows PC or Apple Mac with Antivirus and other Security solutions

For your peace of mind, we can set up secure cloud backups and ensure your existing data is being backed up.

Slow computer? Well, we can speed up computers, and laptops via general software maintenance or suggest hardware upgrades.

Alternative backup solutions are available if for some reason you don’t trust cloud backups. Assistance with the migration of data from one computer to another is something we do with confidence. Got a new computer or notebook and need it set up? We can do that too!

Suspect you’ve been hacked? Virus removal and data recovery services are also something we’re good at.

Are you just adding more and more electronic items? Is your computer cupboard or cabling a mess? Afraid to unplug anything? Let us neaten up your cabling, remove redundant components, and make things work better!

We call our home IT services “premium home IT support” because it’s just better!

Smart Home & Mobile

Just bought an Alexa, Google Home, or Siri HomePod or another smart device? 

Our techs can support CCTV devices, smart cameras, speaker systems, smart lights, smart TV and other remote control, and automation systems.

Do you need help setting up your new iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet? We can assist. Are your cloud accounts a mess or not syncing? We can assist.

Are you paying for cloud services that you don’t need? Are your e-mail accounts a mess, emails not syncing correctly?

Can’t unsubscribe from Google, Amazon, Apple or some other service?

We can do an assessment, recommend a single solution and bring some order to your mobile devices and probably even save you some money. 

We can make all your mobile services sync correctly including mail and photos.

There are even services we can configure to allow you to securely access files and documents from your computer on your phone and tablet.

CCTV cameras in your home not displaying on your phone or do you need this functionality fixed? This is something we can help with.


Business Computer Consulting

Leave your IT management to us so that you can focus on your business growth.

Let us manage your IT infrastructure as we offer experienced IT consulting and advice on websites, email, networking, security, CCTV, phones, social media, and pretty much anything IT-related for your business. 

Unlike most other IT companies, we help protect your intellectual property by ensuring that you retain ownership of all IT assets such as domains, DNS, websites, email, databases and other data.

Our constant monitoring and vigilance can keep your network and your data secure in addition to reducing costs by ensuring you aren’t paying for services you don’t need.

We don’t sell you things you don’t need and translate the tech jargon from other service providers to help you make informed IT business decisions.

Follow our advice on IT strategy as well as network support, cyber-security, 2FA, data backups, social media and website recommendations to make your business more secure, have less downtime and boost your business web presence.

Let us improve your phone system with a cloud VoIP solution that is easy to manage and has more utility than your existing PABX /or other phone systems.

Other special services we offer to individuals, IT Companies and Organizations:

Business IT Sub-contracting

Are you an IT Company outside of the Wellington Region and need to support one of your customers locally?

Perhaps your company head office needs to extend the footprint of your IT department to a satellite branch?

Outsource your IT support to us! We are your trusted Wellington IT Outsourcing partner.

We provide cost-effective sub-contracting rates and affordable business IT support rates.

Supergold Cardholders

We offer discounted labour rates to Supergold cardholders.

Good communication ability and excellent people skills are something we weigh heavily in our decision when employing our computer consultants. 

They are patient and will listen. We know that tech can be frustrating for some senior citizens. 

Trust us to provide efficient service and cost-effective solutions.

Not-for-Profit / Charity

As a charity, you will find our IT support efficient and cost-effective.

Where possible, we will attempt to get any discounts from Microsoft, Google or other technology company services passed on to your charity.

Charities are often given free Microsoft 365 cloud services and licenses, including Microsoft Office, Exchange Online Mail, SharePoint and OneDrive.

We can arrange this and pass on significant savings to your not-for-profit.